D E N N Y   B E R R Y
Choreographer/Director, SDC/AEA/DG

Email: dennyberry@me.com

As Associate Choreographer, Denny Berry has been responsible for setting and maintaining 12 productions of Phantom of the Opera, as well as the "Las Vegas Spectacular." She also assisted Anthony Van Laast on the Broadway production of Jesus Christ Superstar. She wrote, directed, and choreographed A Soul Wailing in Darkness and is currently at work on the musical theater piece Lady Chatterley's Lover, for which she is book and lyric co-writer. (Listen to a sample of the music at www.BrianFeinsteinMusic.com.) She worked closely with composer Mike Reed, lyricist Warner Brown, and director Scott Faris in Stockholm on their production of the new musical, Garbo. She also collaborated with Frank Wildhorn on his production of Dracula, originally produced in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Starting in the fall of 2012, Denny will serve as Head of the Musical Theatre Program at the University of Utah, as Assistant Professor of Theatre.

With Musical Director Stan Tucker, Denny has offered a Musical Theater Audition Preparation course at several locations in Manhattan. To accompany the course, she and Stan have compiled a textbook filled with secrets gleaned from 22 years of sitting on the other side of the desk on how to give the auditionee the confidence and skill to come across at his or her best when putting themselves forward.

At home in opera, operetta, musicals, and ballet, Berry has created work from Vienna to Zurich to London, including Pink Plasma for the Westchester Ballet, Herr Der Ringe, in the original theatrical incarnation of the JRR Tolkien musical, conceived to be presented in a tent with acrobats and actors in Berlin with Bernd Stromberger as composer/director to his lush score. A Christmas Carol (Kevin Moriarity, Trinity Rep.); Street Scene (Francesca Zambello, Houston Grand Opera); 110 in the Shade (Live Oak Theater); Tango in Ebony, Only a Prelude (Friends of Vienna State Opera).

In 2004, after the career course in Floral Design at the Jane Packer Flower School, London, Berry opened DB Blooms Design. In 2008 she received her certificate in Landscape Design from the New York Botanical Garden. She worked designing events and gardens as a compliment to her theatrical work.

Denny was married to Steve Barton until his untimely passing in 2001; their son Edward writes music and has toured in the band Diecast. Berry is a graduate of the University of Texas Department of Theater and Dance, where she and Barton were honored with an endowed presidential scholarship in their name.

Denny Berry in Rio de Janerio
Denny on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janerio for the Sao Paulo Production of The Phantom of the Opera


Denny Berry
Denny Berry 

Denny Berry and Gillian Lynne
Denny & Gillian Lynne 

Denny Berry and Hal Prince
Denny & Hal Prince 

Teaching Phantom in Buenos Aires
Teaching Phantom in Buenos Aires 

Dancing in Buenos Aires in 2009
Dancing in Buenos Aires in 2009 

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